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The Uncuffed producers record a lot of stories that air on KALW 91.7, but don't make it onto the show in podcast players.

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From the Uncuffed Instagram page:



We've recorded a number of talented incarcerated musicians who have come through our studios. Listen to their stories, and hear their bonus music tracks below:

Episode 1: Sky Boii (Remus Sam Langi)

“When I play my guitar, I’m not in prison... I’m somewhere else” (Joseph Kaufman)

Rehabilitation through music for imprisoned pianist (Maimon Pony)

He’s An Alleged Cult Leader. Can I Still Like His Music? (Chris Turgeon)


Give directly. Adnan Khan, who was once a reporter in KALW’s program at San Quentin, is raising money to add directly to incarcerated people's canteen funds, enabling them to buy essential hygiene and food items. Donate here, through Adnan's organization Re:Store Justice. 

Write to prisoners, support returning residents, and other ideas. Check out this list, compiled by KQED, of organizations to give to, ways to connect, and information about current activism.

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