Answers to your frequently asked questions
What’s the difference between the Uncuffed podcast, Uncuffed Personal Stories, and the Uncuffed Playlist?
The Uncuffed podcast, hosted by our participants at San Quentin and Solano prisons, is a showcase of great stories from our audio storytelling program, surrounded by thoughtful roundtable conversations. Podcast episodes are usually around 30-45 minutes. Between the larger episodes, which come out every other week during each season, there are shorter “My Mixtape” episodes where Uncuffed participants talk about a favorite song. The Uncuffed podcast can be heard in any podcast player (search “Uncuffed”) and here on our website.

Uncuffed Personal Stories are interviews with incarcerated people, conducted and edited by participants in our programs. They’re usually around 5 to 8 minutes, and they air as part of the KALW radio show Crosscurrents, hosted by Hana Baba. These stories can be heard on KALW 91.7fm in the Bay Area, at, and here on our website.

A selection of Uncuffed Personal Stories end up on our podcast, but most don’t.

The Uncuffed Playlist is our music radio program, hosted by student DJs in Solano Prison. It is the first music radio show in California hosted by incarcerated people and available to the public. DJs choose an hour of their favorite music related to a theme of their choice, and talk about what the songs mean to them.

You can hear the Uncuffed Playlist on KALW 91.7fm in the Bay Area on Fridays and Saturdays at midnight, and here on Spotify. Spotify subscribers will hear complete songs, non-subscribers will hear 30 second samples of the songs. But all listeners will hear the DJs recorded “breaks” between sets, where they tell personal stories related to the themes of the music.
Can incarcerated people listen to Uncuffed?
Yes! Within CDCR, the Uncuffed Podcast and Uncuffed Personal Stories are available on the free podcast app on tablets. Uncuffed also airs on DRP-TV on the Freedom Channel.Uncuffed is also available for free on the Edovo platform, on tablets in over 350 jails and prisons in North America.
Are Uncuffed programs censored?
All Uncuffed content coming out of a prison has to be approved by a Public Information Officer at that institution. We stay away from foul language, accusations that can’t be backed up, and anything that would get someone in trouble or could endanger anyone. In practice, we are very rarely asked to take anything out of the program.
I’m a returned resident. Are there opportunities to work with Uncuffed?
Join our Returned Resident Email List to learn about opportunities with Uncuffed, and other organizations in California. Mt. Tamalpais College maintains a list of resources for re-entry, especially in California.
How can I support people in prison?
There are so many ways! You can become a penpal, volunteer in prison, donate books, join an advocacy group, or support in-prison programs like Uncuffed.
How can I collaborate with incarcerated journalists for an op-ed or news story?
Check out Empowerment Avenue and the Prison Journalism Project. For a story about Uncuffed or Uncuffed alumni, contact us here.
Where can I find my loved one’s story?
Search for their name on the Listen page.
Who supports Uncuffed?
Uncuffed is a project of KALW Public Media in San Francisco. We are supported by state grants, and grants from foundations including Unlikely Collaborators. We’re also supported by our listeners. Make a monthly donation to join our team of outside supporters.
I want to volunteer or work with Uncuffed. Where do I apply?
Thanks so much for your interest! Please fill out our form here and we’ll keep you posted about opportunities.
Are you connected to Ear Hustle?
Yes! The podcast Ear Hustle was created by two Uncuffed participants at San Quentin State Prison, Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, and Nigel Poor, an artist who volunteered for the KALW program in its early days.

Ear Hustle and Uncuffed are part of separate organizations, but have stayed close ever since. Uncuffed and Ear Hustle are collaborating to create a podcast studio and training program at CIW women’s prison.
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The Uncuffed podcast is a showcase for personal stories and deep roundtable conversations with the incarcerated Uncuffed producers.